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About Madeline's Catering

I received my Culinary Degree in Food Service Management from Johnson and Wales University. A native of Westchester County, love and marriage moved me to Upstate New York where I settled into a position as a Sales Representative for a food service company out of Rochester. While working in that field, I had made several contacts with local caterers and it was one of these contacts that led to the start of Madeline’s Catering.

Madeline was great to work with! Her whole staff was kind and courteous and the food was simply amazing!

When a business acquaintance double booked an event, the caterer begged me to take on the assignment. I was a little hesitant but took up the challenge and catered the event. My customer was so impressed with the event, the attention to detail, and the quality of the food, they asked me to cater another event and recommended me to their friends. Within a short time, I realized I had started a catering company — something I had never even thought about doing.

Today, Madeline’s Catering hosts over 700 events a year and has a full-time dedicated staff — personally hired, trained and supervised by myself and my husband, Rich, a Certified Executive Chef who has worked for the Rochester Convention Center. (He decided the time had come for this business to become a family enterprise, so he joined Madeline’s Catering full time.) The high standards that jump started my business in the early days are still in place today and evident in the attention to detail that goes into every assignment. The evidence of this is in the number of repeat customers I serve every year.

Wedding buffet was delicious! Guests are still coming to us and saying how great the food was!